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HamRadioGuide is a web portal dedicated to the wonderful world of radio-amateurs (Ham, Cb, Swl, Bcl, and everyone interested about radio and telecommunications) in which is possible to find all the products of this market now sold on worldwide, both from well-known  and less well-known firms.    

Our point of excellence are:
  • A guide and a complete review about all the product of the radio amateurs world without any exclusions;
  • The comparison between radios, amplifiers, microphones, kiers, cables etc compiled on the standard of the most important information (technical, prices, performance, features etc) found from the maker, suppliers, seller sites;
  • A real time upgrade also about news with all the information and needed data;
  • An help in order to decide how to spend own money comparing all the similar products avoiding to leave out any;
  • The access and use of the site is absolutely free.   

The web-site is available from Dec 31, 2015 and we want to improve and get better forever. Our goal is to bring our work to an international level, so that it will become one of the most important site for radio-amateurs. In order to obtain this goal we hope on the direct support of the users, with whom we will talk through dedicated forum and blog; furthermore we believe that a good relationship with the firms and the stockists of amateur radio equipments and instruments may be helpful to all the users. More than the show of all the products, dedicated sections to news and event will not be missing.           

All of you that feel attracted by this project could get involved immediately. Your questions, interaction and information will be more than welcome, as well as taking part with your own work about specific topics, or sending us interesting information, but reported to radio amateur topics.

Pages published will be carefully verified with the target to communicate complete objective and verifiable information.

All pages published are the outcome of an activity of processing of information, publicly made available on the web by manufacturers, importers, retailers and providers, unless otherwise specified (official lists, commercial venture, comparison etc.). Our purpose is provide to the reader a complete information about products interesting to him, compared in an effective way in order to realize a conscious choice. No product will be advantaged or disadvantaged against the others.

You are welcome as of now to report to us every kind of error or imprecision published on our site. Our intention will always aim to offer you a better service.

We are happy to tell you "welcome on board" to our project. Your registration is appreciated, although the access to the site is available to everyone.

An invite addressed to all the readers: indicate new products, provided that they are craftsmanship and they are built from industries with their own sites, official features and known public lists.

Site Structure

The site is structured so that the reader will be able to get a complete vision about all the products of the radio-material world (transceivers, antennas, accessories, software and so on) and will be able to compare choices in depth. In conclusion a complete guide in the diversified commercial view for radio-amateurs. It is obviously open to all who don’t have any experience and intend to approach for the first time to this world.

The site is a showcase information always open and was created in order to help the search of radio-amateur topics. A special focus has been directed to the graphic in order to let users read and understand the provided information.

On this site you can find, besides the above-mentioned areas about radio-amateur equipments present today on OM market, some other specific sections:
News – all the news and all the interesting events more up to date in the radio-amatourial world
Hampedia – the encyclopaedia of the radio-amateur   
Predictions – terms of ionospheric spread and so on
Cluster – Information for DX spots
Secondhand – Section in with are reported all the information about used rigs, mainly deduced from real transactions carried out on the web.

Prices shown in the site HamRadioGuide.net

prices shown in the www.hamradioguide.net site are just indicative. For this reason the expression

“Price ±  No Tax “

is always present, consequently the HRG Team declines all responsibilities and invites the reader to access the producer or reference dealer sites.
It follows that no business negotiation can be based on the published prices on our HRG web site. 
As for the section “Secondhand”, prices quoted are to be understood as average prices since they are reported 
observing the transactions on specialized sites. 
These transactions are in € euros or in $ USD.

…They will be “squelched”

Any behaviours (written, photos, designs and so on) non compliant to ethics, education, respect or considered offensive, slanderer, troublesome and all that will not be ethically correct will be deleted according to judgment of the editorial and the responsible persons will not be able to be present and collaborate with the site.

Any information can be sent to the editorial staff:  info@hamradioguide.net  
For advertisements:  advertisement@hamradioguide.net

Cari amici della radio,
con un ristretto gruppo di appassionati abbiamo lanciato un nuovo sito dedicato a tutti i radioamatori.

Il sito, in lingua inglese in quanto destinato a tutti i radioamatori del mondo, si propone di essere un "annuario" completo di tutta la produzione internazionale di apparecchi ed attrezzature per radioamatori  includendo molti prodotti "misconosciuti" ma di qualità, molti dei quali hanno una diffusione solo a livello nazionale.
Una stima ci porta, al momento, a censire come obiettivo oltre 9.000 prodotti.
Le informazioni contenute in HamRadioGuide.net non sono ancora complete in quanto il grande lavoro di raccolta, vaglio e controllo viene fatto con estrema accuratezza in modo da pubblicare le schede soltanto con dati certi e verificati.
Il sito fa un ampio uso della grafica per rappresentare visivamente le caratteristiche dei prodotti semplificando la comprensione anche al fine di comparare più prodotti simili.
Potete seguire lo stato di avanzamento delle schede nella sezione “HamRadioGuide Progress” .
HamRadioGuide non ha fini di lucro e nasce soltanto dalla forte passione e dalla condivisione di un obiettivo semplice: proporre tutta la produzione di apparecchiature esistente evidenziando le caratteristiche più peculiari di ogni singola attrezzatura ed apparecchiatura in modo da permettere una valutazione complessiva (tecnica ed economica) in un ampio contesto di offerta.

Il sito si compone di sezioni dedicate rispettivamente a:
Schede di tutti i prodotti (trasmettitori, ricevitori, antenne, amplificatori, ecc.) con caratteristiche tecniche e prezzi (senza tasse) distinte per costruttore

Hampedia, una piccola enciclopedia con informazioni interessanti (e alcune forse inedite) per i radioamatori
Latest news in cui trovare le notizie, verificate, più recenti in merito ai prodotti e curiosità del mondo radioamatoriale

Secondhand Quotations in cui sono riportate le valutazioni medie degli apparati ed attrezzature usati effettutate recentemente da privati in tutto il mondo

Parte interattiva: tutti hanno la possibilità di inviare post attraverso HamRadioGuide Forum che è diviso nelle varie sezioni di interesse del sito, inoltre, nella sezione Secondhand potete pubblicare richieste ed offerta di attrezzature/apparati (ovviamente non prima di aver consultato SecondHahd Quotations per una corretta valutazione)

Gradiremmo ogni vostro suggerimento/opinione costruttiva attraverso l’inoltro del testo al nostro indirizzo e-mail: info@hamradioguide.net, non ultima una vostra eventuale disponibilità alla collaborazione un grosso grazie a tutti in anticipo per l’interesse.
Buoni dx, ’73
Team HamRadioGuide

Liebe Freunde des Amateurfunks. Wir sind eine kleine Gruppe von Liebhabern des Amateurfunks. Vor kurzem haben wir unsere Home-Page in Betrieb genommen, die sich an die Amateurfunker der ganzen Welt wendet.


Die Website, in englischer Sprache, ist nicht gewinnorientiert und versteht sich als Jahrbuch, das sich damit befaßt, jede Vorrichtung für Amateurfunker zu erfassen. Wir sind in nächster Zeit dabei über 9.000 Produkte zusammenzustellen, in welchen auch jene erscheinen werden, die weniger bekannt aber interessant sind. Wir möchten auch eine Abteilung für den Gebrauchtwarenmarkt mit den durchschnittlichen Preisen einrichten.

Die Home-Page wurde so gestaltet, daß sie einen einfachen und organischen Überblick ergibt, in dem sich auch jene problemlos umsehen können, die mit der Welt des Radiofunkwesens nicht sehr vertraut sind.

Mit uns in Verbindung zu treten ist sowohl über das HamRadioGuideForum möglich als auch über die Zusendung von Vorschlägen und Meinungen an unsere e-mail-Adresse info@hamradioguide.net

Ein großes „Danke schön“ im voraus an Euch alle.
Team HamRadioGuide

Queridos amigos de la radio, somos un pequeño grupo de apasionados del mundo de la radioafición. Hemos publicado recientemente nuestra web que va dirigida a los radioaficionados de todo el mundo.


La web, en lengua inglesa, no tiene fin de lucro y quiere ser un anuario que se ocupe del censo de cada equipo de radiocomunicaciones. Estimamos un censo, a lo largo del tiempo, de más de 9000 productos, dando espacio también a aquellos productos poco conocidos, pero merecedores de su interés. También hemos pensado dedicar una sección al mercado del usado y a las relativas cotizaciones medias.

La web ha sido proyectada en modo de proporcionar una visión simple y orgánica, permitiendo también a todas aquellas personas que no tienen mucha familiaridad con el mundo de radioafición de poder navegar con extrema facilidad.

Es posible interactuar con nosotros sea a través de l'HamRadioGuideForum que enviándonos vuestras sugerencias y opiniones a la  dirección e-mail: info@hamradioguide.net

Un enorme agradecimiento a todos con adalanto.

Team HamRadioGuide.net

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