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About us

HamRadioGuide Team
The HamRadioGuide Project arises from the passion of a volunteers group, mostly radio-amateurs, that spend a lot of their time to the realization of the site for all the radio-amateurs in the world. The site has like only purpose to be useful for all the users.

The complexity of the site is such that the group of volunteers is variable, depending on the requested skills for the several sections of which is composed and furthermore for the IT management.
HRG Team is constantly growth, our purposes are to keep always updated the members of the team.
At present the group is composed of:

Founder and Site Manager: Gianni Scavino, K0WMJ, OM from over 40 years. Author of many journal articles about radio-amateur topics, Ph. D. Engineering;

Founder and Development: Leonardo Lombardi, Swl, informatics expert, Ph. D. Phisics;

Applications: Roberto Scavino, IZ0AXG, OM from over 25 years, Ph. D. Electronic Engineering;

Public Relations: Paolo Bellini, KD0RXW, OM from over 8 years, DXer, Ph. D. Mathematics;

Expert in the world market amateur radio: Nicola Mastrorilli, KD0YMZ, OM since 2008, before Swl.

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