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Cookies Policy

Information and consent to the use of cookies

What is a cookie ?

It is a little text file, stored in the local computer while you are visiting a web site. In the test file will be stored all the information that the site that sent the cookie is able to understand in the moment you access to the same site. Some of these cookies are necessary to the correct working of the site, other are helpful to the users because they let store in a secure way, for example, the user name or the language setting. An advantage to have cookies stored in pc is sure that haven’t the need to insert the same information again whenever you access to a before visited site.   

The site was made so no user personal data can be stored. No cookies utilization for broadcast personal information to external subjects and no use of cookies known like persistent, which have the purpose to trace the customer habits. They are used session cookies, of which no trace will be available at the end of the browser, and their use is limited to the identification of the session through automatic generation of a sequence of random numbers, directly owed to the server, in order to allow the safe access of the site.   

When you visit any site is possible that you get cookies from both the site that you are visiting and from sites managed from subjects from others parts. An example of these third subjects are the “social plugin” for Facebook, Twitter etc. More common use of the cookies of this kind is finalized to the sharing of the contents on the social networks.
The webmaster of the site has no access to data of site, which are independently collected and worked from the managers of social network.

For further information about data collected from social network we invite you to read all the informative notes about privacy, notes provided from the subject providing the services at issue.



It’s possible to operate into the browser in use in order to block the cookies through a specific procedure, also it must be emphasized that if you choose to stop the cookies it’s possible that the web services may be altered.

Reference sites to access for getting information about the use of the cookies and how to disable them:




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